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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ashes and Soot

Today's been a really hard day. Didn't get to go to the football game.

I wasn't feeling well all day and never got the motivation to head to the gym. Thankfully, Wii Fit gave me enough of a work out that its okay. Zack and I got into it pretty badly too which has put me in a funk. It was actually very relaxing to sweat a little though--take my mind off things. Also, fighting made me lose my appetite so I made up for all the chips I ate last night. I feel a little less guilty now.

Hopefully things will be resolved soon.

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  1. Fights suck! Especially when you say things that hit the core. The good news is I am sure you have made up by now as this post is from last month..If not canles and sexy lingere is a great way to a mans heart down below and then his brain starts thinking your way... Trust me I am married.. It works.. hahahhaha