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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Introduction, I guess

How do you start a blog? ..Seriously. I feel pretty narcissistic right now--assuming that anyone will care, much less want to know, what's going on in my head. But clearly I'm over it since here I am, writing to you people.

I suppose I should start with an explanation of what it's about, who I am, and why you, yes you, should care. My name is Trelawny (Trel-ah-knee). I'm a 22 year old recent college grad (GO BUCKS), unemployed and bored. Like most people (at least I thought) when I was bored I ate. I baked to pass time. I cooked to entertain. I chowed down to keep busy. Not surprisingly though, this lead to a very dramatic increase in my life...not my happiness, no no, but my weight. At 277 lbs and 5'6 I am anything but healthy.

I've always been a big girl, and always embraced the way I look--and I still do, so I can't really blame unemployment on my...situation...but it is the reason I decided to make this lifestyle change. I needed something to do. Something to count, something to fill my time, and something to wake up for. I've heard you're 10x more likely to achieve your goals if you announce them outloud-which is the reason for this masterpiece.

So to be cliche, follow me on my journey. Through thick and thin (pun intended) and ups and downs. Enjoy.

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