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Friday, March 25, 2011

I love popcorn. Seriously. LOVE IT. about a year ago my bestie (and now roomie) taught be how to pop my own popcorn with oil in a pan...delicious. When I started my weightloss, I bought an airpopper (to eliminate the use of oil) from walmart for $18. BEST DECISION EVER!

Since a huge bowl of popcorn is only 220 calories, it is the perfect thing to snack on...especially if you're like me who eats out of bordem, or watching tv, or just because. A little no calorie spray butter, or tabasco sauce, maybe some popcorn seasoning? delicious.

The average person eats 64 quarts of popcorn a year. I eat that in 2 months. maybe 1. not even joking.

Thursday's Results:
Calories burned: 3,663
Calories eaten: about 1500...I got into the cookies at work...
Total weekly deficit: 7518

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love you Nike+

Okay! Day two of seriousness completed.. I did pretty well on my goals too...No cookies at work, I took the dogs for a run (granted it was rather short) after work AND I drank at least 3L of water. Go me!

I'm gonna take a moment to discuss my obsession with the nike+ gps app on my iphone. it is SO accurate with distance traveled and it keeps all of these stats...not to mention all of the awesome motivation it gives me. It lets me get "cheers" from facebook. Basically when I start a run it posts that I am beginning and if anyone comments or likes the post I hear a round of applause over my music. When I'm done, it will brag about my distance and time--something to hold me accountable...aka I'll never quit before I do at least a mile in fear of shame.

Sometimes I feel like that person who posts too many pictures of their kids, but mostly I just don't care. It helps me lose the weight and that's what matters....

Recently a good friend of mine (oh, how I miss him!) challenged me to a Nike+ challenge...first person to 60k wins! We have a month...I am very competitive so this is going to be fun. So far I think I have like..6 or 7k in...Looks like I might need to go on a second run tonight...

so next time you see that I'm running go ahead and like the post and cheer me on!

Wednesdays results:
Calories burned: 4,120
Calories consumed: 13oo ish
total weekly deficit: 5355

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What an almost sucessful day!

When I was 14 or so, my Cousin Casey and I did a kids triathlon. I did really well until the running part...

In attempt to better my habits, I had an almost wonderful day yesterday...until I went to work and there were delicious sugar cookies waiting to be eaten. They were small, but deadly. After about 5 I wanted to curl up and cry because there was NO reason to be eating them. They just tasted sooo good. Shouldn't I have been content with one? Yes. I am working on it. Good news is, it was only about a 400 calorie binge which still left me close to my target. Running with the dogs helped too...gave me an extra 350 calorie boost in the morning before an 8 hour shift..

I am going to be jacked up on coffee this morning because I didn't sleep well last night thinking one of the dogs I housesit for had Bloat (2nd most prevalent killer in dogs after cancer)...After a lengthy discussion with the 24 vet near by we decided she was probably just hungry. She was. Still had me up every 30 minutes to make sure she wasn't dying...she loved all the attention and spooning though. The other dog was very jealous.

Today, my little goal is to drink 3 liters of water (or 5 of my tervis tumblers..best $16 cup EVER)
My medium goal is to exercise with the dogs when I get off work at 5 (I have a hard time feeling motivated after a long day at work)
and my big goal is to stay under 1200 calories, and resist ALL cookies at work. Not even a bite!

Tuesday's results:
Calories burned: 3935
Calories consumed: 1400...ish.
Total Deficit: 2535

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh, Hey.

In several recent conversions with seperate people, I had them all ask me why I stopped blogging. why? I don't know. Part of me thinks it's because I didn't really think that people cared enough to read about my weight loss, and part of me thinks its because I'm lazy. Mostly it's because I am lazy.

These past few weeks I have really been struggling with losing weight and binge eating. I'm hoping writing this will start to make me more accountable for my actions and put me back on the right track. Let's do a quick update first on where I am now, almost 6 months later.

I have lost 84 pounds. It was 85 last week, but I gained a pound over the last 7 days which kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I am working at Lane Bryant now full time which is a HUGE help to my calorie burnage since I am on my feel running around for 8 hours. I hit my goal of 50 lbs by christmas, and I am on a new goal of hitting 100 lbs lost by April 22nd, which is when I head to Hawaii with Zack and my family. That's 16 lbs in 4 weeks. yikes. I really need to step it up.

I think I have an advantage this week, since I'm housesitting for two very active labs that per owner instruction, require at least two miles of walking everyday. They also aren't allowed to poop in the yard (seriously?) so I have to walk them additionally for that...I found that running makes them poop faster so I've been doing about 3 miles of running or a brisk walk with them everyday. This will continue through sunday, so I'm excited about that. We will see...

my goal is 5 lbs this week- wish me luck!