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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I love you Nike+

Okay! Day two of seriousness completed.. I did pretty well on my goals too...No cookies at work, I took the dogs for a run (granted it was rather short) after work AND I drank at least 3L of water. Go me!

I'm gonna take a moment to discuss my obsession with the nike+ gps app on my iphone. it is SO accurate with distance traveled and it keeps all of these stats...not to mention all of the awesome motivation it gives me. It lets me get "cheers" from facebook. Basically when I start a run it posts that I am beginning and if anyone comments or likes the post I hear a round of applause over my music. When I'm done, it will brag about my distance and time--something to hold me accountable...aka I'll never quit before I do at least a mile in fear of shame.

Sometimes I feel like that person who posts too many pictures of their kids, but mostly I just don't care. It helps me lose the weight and that's what matters....

Recently a good friend of mine (oh, how I miss him!) challenged me to a Nike+ challenge...first person to 60k wins! We have a month...I am very competitive so this is going to be fun. So far I think I have like..6 or 7k in...Looks like I might need to go on a second run tonight...

so next time you see that I'm running go ahead and like the post and cheer me on!

Wednesdays results:
Calories burned: 4,120
Calories consumed: 13oo ish
total weekly deficit: 5355

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